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With experience and a proven track record in developing systems and web applications. Our innovative character enables us to anticipate international trends for our clients’ businesses, supporting and positioning them so they can fulfill the requirements of the globalized world.

At the moment, we reckon with more than 130 highly skilled professionals and with international certification to this effect. We combine knowledge, strategy, technology and business design, helping our clients to identify, realize and maintain the potential earnings that may not be visible in their local or global value networks. Our value proposition is to increase the margins of our clients by reducing costs, by seizing integration opportunities of their value chains: Relation with clients, suppliers, sales channels and strategic alliances, where, in spite of all investments in ERPs, software for supply chain and Internet, there are still excessive expenses and a lot of savings which have not been achieved yet.

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+14 Years in the Market
+35 Projects in Progress
+50 International Certifications
+130 Employees
+500 Projects Performed
+600 Thousand Employed Hours

What do we do?

A Software Factory is a development environment configured to support the rapid development of various types of applications and systems.

While software factories are really the next logical step in the ongoing evolution of software development methods and practices, these promise to change the software industry by introducing industrialization patterns.

Working Model and Process

We analyze the client’s business, taking into account the priorities and critical mission points.

The compilations, analysis, are always done in complete cooperation with the client in order to achieve an optimized and functional product based on criteria that are always specified by the entity.

Development of Systems and Construction of Components

The principal advantages that we offer through this service are:

  • Efficiency by means of standardization and automation
  • Control of processes and quality control
  • Promotion of applications and reusable code libraries
  • Correct performance evaluation
  • High production capacity
  • Standardization
  • Scalability
  • High profitability
  • Security
  • Team trained in the main technologies used in the local and international market
  • Intelligence for analyzing processes, external applications without having to depend on fixed resources inside the company.

* Hourly rate unifying the analysis as well as the programming or the technology to be used itself

We develop software on demand, focusing on the needs of the users.

From the first contact, we analyze the client’s needs; merge them with our experience and as such we develop solutions which are totally identifiable and particular.

In the development of sites, applications as well as other services, we work with a completely comprehensive insight of the client’s business and needs and we develop a totally integral solution for the organization.

The "Custom Made" projects or tailored developments are TURNKEY projects.

It originates from Functional and Technical Specifications created by a specialized Analyst side by side with the client. The analysis work of IDtknology for customized developments corresponds to 60% of success of the project and has been proven in more than 200 "custom made" projects delivered over the years.

We work with various technologies, we adapt to those used by the client suggesting better practices and abridging the project in the best cost-benefit possible.

Some developed projects

  • ERP with core integration of the client
  • Business Intelligence building blocks system for making decisions
  • CRM with integration to web services
  • Home Banking (Consumer banking and corporate banking)
  • Patrimony systems
  • Customer service systems, Telemarketing, Task Manager
  • Intranet systems and corporative Extranet integration to workflow

Knowing that companies are currently facing the challenge of achieving competitiveness in the IT area, we offer services of Outsourcing of trained professionals for the companies that require exclusive personnel to deal with certain tasks or projects.

IT Outsourcing in combination with the Software Factory model is the ideal tool for optimization and it is the best cost-benefit relation to add efficiency and productivity in the area of Information Technology.

IT Outsourcing models:

On-site: Staff working physically in the offices of IDtknology but assigned 100% to the client.

Offsite: Staff working physically in the offices of the client.

The management of the human resources can be done by the Client or IDtknology, or even a mix, combining management by both parties.

We support the performance of complex IT projects with a team of consultants with experience and the capacity to plan, lead and execute projects.

We have years of experience in projects with Applied Consultancy, which include:

  • Analysis of the internal processes in the IT area
  • Training in the elaboration of documentation and models
  • Elaboration of reports with indicators for the IT area
  • Elaboration of pre-project documents for the IT area with sufficient details for its correct development and implementation

The following companies have put their trust in us

Banco Itaú
Visión Banco
Banco GNB
Banco Amambay
Banco Interfisa
Banco Familiar
Banco do Brasil
Sudameris Bank
Fundación Dequeni
Naciones Unidas

Where we are?

150 SE 2nd. Avenue #709
Miami, Florida - 33131
(786) 353-9860

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